2nd year

SAS Hotel – Copenhagen

Arne Jacobsen

I was asked to choose an architect and one of their buildings, and create a piece of furniture.
Taking inspiration from the surroundings and the exterior and interior design and creating a
furniture that could be successful and usable for the interior of the building

Room 606

Room 606 is the only space in the SAS Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen that is keept the same as when Arne Jacobsen
designed it.

To secure this elegant foundation in the rooms, Jacobson made a baseline of wood that ran across the edge, incorporating everything from a work area with drawers that open up to a
cosmetics mirror to the bed’s backboard. This line additionally grows smart innovations, for example, reading lamps that slide along a rail, so you can adjust them according to where you are and your reading material.

Every object and each function in the rooms were considered not only to create a
harmonious whole, but also to respond to the body in repose, the hand looking for a fixture, the eye as it wandered through the space, and the relation between a couple that might be
staying there. Room 606 is a suite, so it even has a translucent curtain that you can draw down the middle to give one
person sleeping privacy while the other works.