2nd year

5 Principles of Modernism

I used the 5 principles in this house. Pilotis lifting the house 3 meters above the ground creating space for a car. Free floor plan making it an all in one, type of house for one person or a couple making it easy to move around with no doors. Free design of facade, two in four of the walls are only windows making the facade look open and using pillars in the middle to support the house. Horizontal windows on each side of the house makes the house feel spacouse and free. Roof with gardening on the second floor by using the staircase going up to the roof terrasse where you can plant along the wall by doing that the roof can have space for other activities other than planting.

  • Pilotis
  • free design ground plan
  • free design of facade
  • Horizontal Windows
  • Roof graden


Neo futurism