2nd year

Wineyard Resturant

I was asked to create a new setting for a family oriented vineyard hotel, In lisbon’s wine region. I had to choose a section of the hotel and fully renovate it to its best potential. We need to look into the wine and the site to understand the space around the building before designing, to get a understanding of what we are working with and taking the concept and creating a proposal design for the client.

A – Is the big round shape that is heavier
B – Is the small round shape and because if the size it need to be further away
C – Is the triangle that is the solid foundation to the building the one holding the

I had the idea making the concept presented the concept itself quict leturany i want i tried different shapes but this idea of a spring scale stud out and i developed that into having 3 part to my building

My vision for the sketches was to have a full view, looking out at the grape vines and have a beautiful entrance to the garage that cuts the level of the ground with a solid stone wall with a lot of olive trees and and greens in the surroundings